We have an excellent range of equipment allowing microscopic analysis of features from the mm- to atomic-scales. Our highly qualified staff are available for sample analysis, support and training. Enquiries: [email protected]. Further information can be viewed on the web pages for the individual instruments.

Confocal Raman Spectrometer

Renishow inVia Qontor
Renishaw inVia Qontor: confocal Raman spectroscopy coupled with optical microscopy for chemical analysis

Scanning Electron Microscopes

JEOL IT200: low cost, high throughput
JEOL IT800: high resolution (~ 1nm) , light element analysis via SXES
FEI Scios
FEI Scios DualBeam FIB/SEM: high resolution SEM (~ 1nm), focused ion beam milling & EDX/EBSD

Transmission Electron Microscopes

FEI Titan Themis
FEI Titan Themis: aberration-corrected STEM. Atomic resolution measurements, elemental & bonding analysis via EDX/EELS
JEOL 2011: lower magnification conventional TEM, initial screening

Sample Preparation Equipment

Dimple grinder
Gatan PIPS
Gatan PIPS
Quorum Q150R
Quorum Q150R Au/C coater
Henniker HPT-100 plasma cleaner
Henniker HPT-100 plasma cleaner